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Monday, May 25, 2009


 Dear Friends,
This morning, May 25, at 8:55 Bill called me, for just a second, because he had to take care of some urgent motor technical problem, to tell me they arrived last night, at 4:20 am PST (which is, I think, 2:20 am in Hawaii.)
I'll give you more details when he calls again.
Until then I would like to tell you about a question that Lucas Bentley, age 6 1/2, asked me the other day to present to Uncle Bill next time I called him. The question was: if you put all the amoebas in the world in a row, next to each other, will you be able to see them?
Uncle Bill, who is the Science Authority in our "Tribe", when I presented him with the question yesterday, answered unequivocally, "Yes!", and I passed it on to Lucas.
But today, after Bill's call, and after heaving a big sigh of relief, I suddenly thought of all those tiny little invisible "amoebas" of all our collective thoughts and prayers and wishes, which accompanied these two brave sailors for two weeks and a day. If you put them all together in a row, will you be able to see them?..
I think so. Even though I am a scientifically-minded, sworn atheist (against my best intentions) myself, there is something here that teases my mystical bone and says, YES! and wants to thank you, all of you, who sent those thoughts and prayers and wishes to them. And wants to ask you, after a break of 4 days, to continue sending these to Tom and Bill on their way back, which is going to be longer and harder.
Till next Saturday, then, my thanks to all of you, and a big ALOHA, they made it!

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