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Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 2

Dear Friends and Family,

Your enthusiastic, supportive responses were all very heart-warming to me. Thank you! I told Bill about them and I think it warmed his and Pam's hearts very much too, and well they needed it after the rough night they had last night. But today, May 11, at 3:15 pm, at 35 degrees 44 minutes North and 125 degrees 41 minutes West, they were feeling much better, both of them. They were getting over their sea sickness and had even eaten (chicken salad, believe it or not! Bill had put 6 of those big rectangular plastic water bottles in our freezer a week or so before the departure, and after having experimented with one of them previously, he found out they should keep their perishable foods cold for at least a week in the Red Dress built-in icebox.)

They had passed the rough zone and were expecting things to be much calmer and more pleasant from now on. Let's all pray, though, that things won't get TOO calm... They need wind! So far, if I got it right, they had gone 60 miles [editor's note: a reliable source, Tom Johnson who will be joining Bill on the return voyage, sent this: "I calculated last night that they made around 75NM by 5:15p.m., and by today's reading they went 134 NM in the day since then totaling 209 NM so far."], and were on course, and sailing beautifully.

The satellite phone was not working well, very disappointing, so we talked for only a very short time, but I got the main message: they're both feeling much better today.

Adam made us a blog, with the map showing their progress. Take a look tomorrow, after he puts in the new coordinates, at (thanks so much, Adam!)

That's all folks, I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again for your wonderful support, sorry I can't answer each one of you individually, but this is the wedding hot season and I'm very busy sending Ketubot all over America (curious? )

Take care,


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  1. This is going to be a great way to watch their progress and the map is an excellent visual aid. Can't wait to read the next installment! ~Carol