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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 4

Hi Everyone,

Bill called twice today, just because he could, I guess, now that he'd changed the faulty battery in the satellite phone, and the reception outside the cabin being very good. We talked for quite a while, and what a delightful change from his last voyage, in 2002, when all I got for 24 days was two short fax messages from him some passing tankers were kind enough to send.

So today, Wednesday, 5-13-09, at 3:08 pm they were at 32 degrees 10 minutes North and 129 degrees 2 minutes West. The wind was at 4.5 knots, and so was the boat. They were using the asymmetrical spinnaker and trying to go as further south as they could to catch more wind.

Both of them were feeling very well. It was sunny, warm, cloudless, and the sea was effervescent blue, with a five foot swell. Not a single boat or ship to be seen as far as the eye could see. But they did see a flock of dolphins about a mile away, and two albatrosses. Nothing else. They expect to have a beautiful night with lots of stars tonight, since the clouds all cleared. They have been busy cleaning and drying the boat, and now everything is much better.

I asked what Pam wanted to relay to her list, and she said that she was herself again, and wished you were here.

Now to your questions:

Tom Johnson, the Cape Horn wind vane is working fantastic! I'll try to find Yves' and Eric's email address and send this news to them tonight.

To Joe: they were very pleased with their speed up to this morning... But they're dealing with it by going south, hoping for more wind there.

To Yael: they've been too busy, tired and sick to read the notes in the first three days, but now they've started reading them. The first one happened to have Ori's picture, very cute! They're going to catch up now and read one or more a day from now on.

To Cree, please tell Howard that the solar panels are working fantastic! They have all the electricity they need.

That's all I remember. If I've forgotten some one's question, please forgive me and ask again.

All the best to all of you,


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