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Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 9

Dear Friends,
I passed your warm wishes, prayers, white light, hugs, alohas, support and love to the two brave sailors, and they were very happy to receive it because they really did need it all today...
Monday, May 18, at 5:30 pm they were at 27 degree 21 minutes N and 139 degree 4 minutes West. It seems like a big progress, doesn't it? but it wasn't a good day for them at all, and I'm still a bit down after our talk.
The phone connection was not very good, I had to call 3 times, and it wasn't easy to hear what they were saying. But I did get that last night, they were moving very fast, the wind was at 22 to 25 knots, so they had to drop the main completely and use only the jib, but at midnight, suddenly the boat spun around 360 degrees, which was quite disorienting for a moment. "A midnight Fire Drill", Bill said.
Then, this morning, the wind dropped to 5 to 6 knots and stayed like that all day, so they put up the spinnaker. But at about 8 am, the spinnaker halyard (rope) broke! ("It was just too old," Bill explained) and the spinnaker fell slowly down to the water, ("like a parachute, it was beautiful!" Pam said.) So they rescued it from the water and worked hard to dry it and put it back into its sheath. They will not be able to fix it until they reach the harbor, because they would have to climb to the mast top to do that, and that can't be done when the boat moves so much. So they had to put up the main and the jib again, and Bill got into a black funk. But then Pam cooked some rice with chopped tomatoes and diced sauteed ham, and that lifted their spirits again.
But they were both still coughing that deep, annoying cough, especially Pam, who had some allergies or sinus infection and didn't feel well last night. Today she's in better spirits.
They're going south again till tomorrow at noon, trying to catch more wind, and then they'll turn toward Kauai.
They did cross the half-way line today and threw a party, eating chocolate.
They haven't seen ANY ship nor any living things except two more albatrosses.
7:45 pm PST
Dear Friends,
Bill just called and said there was an accident. Pam got hit by the boom and fell forward, hitting her head and shoulder, apparently against the winch. She lost her consciousness for a few seconds then came to, but lost her short term memory. The shoulder might be broken, but Bill doesn't think so. He called the Coast Guard and they're going to evacuate her. I'm not sure about anything else. I'll keep you posted.
7:58 pm
Bill called again and said Pam's memory is back, she remembers where she is now, and is feeling better. The Coast Guard said there is no way to evacuate her from where they are, so Bill is sailing to the nearest harbor, in Hilo, probably. Pam was lying down in the cabin, resting, talking normally, and Bill was taking care of her shoulder in consultation with the Coast Guard Doctor. (Bill took a first aid course, so he should know what to do.)
I called Gretchen, Pam's daughter, who will call the other family and friends. Pam said to tell you she is OK.
I'm so sorry to tell you such news. I'll keep you posted all night.
Praying very intensely for Pam's health and Bill's calmness and caution, so he can bring them both safely to Hawaii very soon, Nomi

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