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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 8

Hi Everyone,

Today we talked later than usual because I went to the Oakland Museum (Squeak Carnwath -- amazing!), and we talked for a very short time because I had to start babysitting Ori, our 5- month-old grandson (so Yael and Adam could go to a theater play in San Francisco. Which might cause Adam to be a little late showing the progress on the map, be patient, Max and Lucas!) Now Ori is mercifully asleep, so I'll try to quickly tell you the news.

Today, Sunday, May 17, at 5:30 pm they were at 27 degrees 41 minutes North and 136 degrees 55 minutes West. They covered 143 NM.

Last night they had a 12 to 20 knot wind all night. It was dark, a bit frightening, and felt a bit out of control with the big Genoa jib, which does not allow for any modifications. To change the sail would be a big operation, so they had to wait for daylight. Bill reassured me that they were not seasick, nor too uncomfortable, but it was dramatic. And still, the boat roared forward, right on course, with the wind vane steering steadily, no problem!

He sounded amazed at how DRY and clean the boat stayed so far. No leakage at all, no water anywhere inside the boat.

So this morning, between 8 to 10 am, when the wind went down from 15 knots to 10 for a little while, they quickly made a rehearsal on what lines would have to be pulled, and then they worked together very intensely and did it! It went very well, and now they have the main and the regular jib up, which are both flexible and can be riffed and otherwise modified according to the wind. My feeling is that Pam deserves here a specially big Hurray! It sounds to me like a very serious feat!

The day was overcast all day, grey, with very little sun. But yesterday they had a beautiful pink sunset with the light beams breaking through the clouds like a fan, which Pam calls a "Jesus Sunset".

And there were two little albatrosses following them for about an hour, one dark-grey and the other white-grey, which Bill thought was a young one, because at some point he flew down and started swimming in the water, and the other one was circling around him, as if to protect and reassure him. I asked why they were following them, were they looking for food? but Bill said no, they were just curious. "The life of the albatross is very lonely and forlorn", he said. I guess that's why they always get in trouble with all kinds of Ancient Mariners and Baudelaires...

Anyway, what seemed to have really cheered them up during the last 24 hours of overcast weather was the food, which they seemed very proud to tell about:

For dinner last night, they had a spinach, mango and avocado salad, with vinaigrette dressing made from scratch by Pam, and hot (canned) chilly with diced bell pepper.

This morning they had hot cream of wheat with plumped currants and diced mango.
Wouldn't you like to be in such a cruise ship?..

And the temperature is very pleasant, low 70s during the day and low 60s during the night. Like Oded wrote, there are lots and lots of people who'd be very jealous with them for that kind of weather...

That's all for today, folks, now let's go and see if Ori is still snoring his sweet little snores....

Thanks again to all of you who wrote me all those warm little notes of encouragement. It's always so nice to get them, and I make sure to pass on their main spirit to Bill and Pam, who really appreciate your loyal following support.

A good week to all of you,


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