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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 13 -- Elegant Sailing

On Thursday, June 11, at 3:30, they were at 38 degrees 3 minutes North, and 130 degrees 41 minutes West, making the most of a south-westerly, 8-11 knot wind, by using the spinnaker.

Last night, as result of the predicted low pressure system, they lost the wind completely and had to motor all night, taking 4 hour shifts, watching for the coastal ships that might start appearing soon.

But this morning, the wind came back somewhat, and with the spinnaker, they have been sailing 6.5 knots since 8:30 AM.

They've gone 1841 miles so far, and have 399 miles to go.

The weather is pleasant, and although it's been raining lightly off and on all day, they're having a great time gliding along effortlessly with the huge spinnaker. A real elegant sailing, Bill said, especially compared to last night.

Tom Johnson's toe is better, but I can't resist sharing what Tom Birtley wrote Bill and me in that regard, it's just too much fun for just us to enjoy:

"'re back home in a few days and, excepting the helicopter incident, poor Nomi has had to serve up stone soup for all the voyeurs like myself. Actually, she has done a great job and left plenty of room for reading between the lines. For example, it was evident to me that Tom Johnson stubbed his toe during the N. Korean missile attack."

All other readings between the lines are very welcome!!! We have only 3 days to spice up this soup a little, folks!

(For a minute there, I was tempted to write as subject "Day 4 before last" but feared this might anger the gods, and decided to leave the ending open... Bill said they're doing everything they can to get to the point where they have enough fuel to get home by Sunday whether they have wind or not.)

"Full sails and fair weather", guys!


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