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Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 14 -- Not so good, light wind

On Friday, June 12th, at 3:35 they were at 38 degrees 6 minutes North, and 127 degrees 52 minutes West.

At first, they were not in a very good mood, because the spinnaker halyard broke again last night, at 9 pm, the same thing that broke on the way to Hawaii, and there was no wind, so they couldn't use neither the spinnaker nor the other sails, and had to motor all night and most of today. They made 132.9 miles in 24 hours, the second worst day so far. 1973.6 miles in total so far.

BUT, looking at the bright side, the line of the spinnaker fell into the water and got wrapped around the wind vane paddle, and they were able to unwrap it without jumping in the water!
And they had the most fabulous dinner last night: angel hair pasta with salmon and marinara sauce with avocado. "Fresh salmon right out of the can", Bill said, and added that it was so good that Tom had to put it down in his journal as one of the top ten new foods he's discovered on the voyage. Some of the other new things were "Shepherd's Pie", i.e. mashed potatoes with chili on top and sauteed vegetables, and ovaltine.

By the end of the call the state of both wind and spirit, the "matzav ruach" of both sailors, was much better. The wind was blowing 8-9 knots, and they were sailing the main and the jib, hoping it won't get any worse.

(I think they had hoped to arrive earlier even than Sunday, now it doesn't look like they would...)

Tom said they were sailing as fast as they could.

That's all for today.

Have a good weekend!


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