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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 15 -- Bummed -- No Wind AT ALL !!!

The gods are not angry, they are just absent. Who's in charge of the winds around here? Aeolus? Boreas? Zephyr? Where are you guys?!!! Well, I guess I better not complain, lest they start something bigger than our guys can handle. At the moment though, these homesick guys are motoring very, very slowly, in order to conserve fuel, and trying to make use of any miserly whiff of wind that comes along, but mostly there's none...

So, at 3:30 today, Saturday, June 13 (a-ha!!!) they were at 38 degrees and 2 minutes North, and 125 degrees and 26 minutes West.

They've gone 115 miles in the last 24 hours, by far their worst day. Going now straight towards the Gate at 4 miles per hour, they have 149 miles to go, you make the math...

I tried to cheer them up by telling them I've just finished baking Bill's favorite chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, which we'll all eat at the dock when they arrive, along with fresh squeezed orange juice (Bill's request) and/or hot chocolate and/or champagne. But this might be late Sunday night, so the tropical theme balloons, the fruit basket, and the hand painted sign might not be seen but only "felt with the heart" to quote Helen Keller.

Oh well, in the meantime they're trying to fish, but so far nothing.

I'll keep you posted.

Take care,


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