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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Day???? -- Buoyed Spirits All Around!

On Sunday, June 14, 2009, at 11 am, Red Dress was 62 miles away from her barn, sitting in a perfectly calm water, with the Point Reyes coast looming in the distance, and the weather report coming from the local buoys telling of no wind whatsoever along the entire Californina coast...

So what are you all buoyed up about, you ask?

Well, at 37 degrees 56 minutes North, and 123 degrees 37 minutes West, our eager sailors were waiting for the "Triple A of Boats" (as I call it, never remembering the real name of this boat insurance company) to rendezvous with them and bring them fuel, so they can motor as fast as they can all the way HOME.

Thank God for modern technology and monthly insurance payments!!!

If all goes well we'll greet them tonight at 10 pm at the Emeryville dock.

I'll probably write once more to tell you how it all went, and Adam will hopefully enclose some photos of the valiant voyagers before they become all clean and civilized again!

By the way, they didn't catch any fish yesterday... The weather is overcast and cool, and last night there was a lot of phosphorescence in the water, which confirms the rumors of whales in the area, probably coming to graze on all this phosphorescent plankton. Our guys are aware of that kind of traffic.

Full gas tank and fast motoring!


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