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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pamela's note

From the Foothills

I flew from Hilo via Honolulu and into Oakland Airport Friday, May 29th. My state of mind at the time was blissful after having an excursion of a lifetime, 14 days, 23hours aboard Red Dress, and then spending four days in paradise with my comrades doing what I love, working hard together.

My reentry was greeted lovingly at the airport where Nomi, Yael, Adam, and baby Oren showered me with balloons, banners, warm wishes, a basket of fruit, and tea and a delicious tart. The transition became possible and painless.

I set out for home in the foothills of Calaveras County, a way different experience than riding the high seas. I returned to my job at Calaveras Lumber Company, and joined my colleagues in the garden center to get back to work. They, Kris, Kandy, Sharon, and Lindsey, had sent me off on my trip without hesitation. I am so fortunate! Many thanks to the garden crew and to Mike, Eileen, and Pat for their excitement and support. Thanks to Chris in the office who collected all the communications from Nomi, good and bad, to relay downstairs.

Most importantly, I wish to thank Nomi and Bill for choosing me to crew on Red Dress. I had vicariously enjoyed Bill's previous voyage to Hawaii aboard 19' Chubby, a voyage that I now marvel at in disbelief. Bill's accomplishment of that voyage made me feel confident that I was in good hands, no, the best hands. I am fortunate beyond all measure to have been guided all these years by Bill's patient instructions and willingness to have me aboard. Bill is the perfect teacher and the best kind of sailor. The magic of Bill's helmsmanship is his intuition about all of it, the winds, the currents, the tides, and the boat. With extreme care, he oversees everything without fuss, with complete control and reason.

So the voyage is over, but the journey is never ending. Over the last few days since the docking of Red Dress, I have realized that I enjoyed the adventure not simply for myself.

I really wanted to share with anyone who was interested and excited. And you all were that for me. You were there with us. You made the voyage whole and complete. Many thanks, and may your winds always be pleasant.

Love to all, Pam

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